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    Academic Year (AY) Pay Schedule Change
    MSU changed the pay schedule for academic year (AY) faculty and academic staff from 12 monthly checks to 10 monthly checks effective with the 2010-2011 academic year.  AY faculty receive pay over the duty period, August 16 through May 15.  For AY faculty and academic staff, the paycheck received on May 31 will cover the period May 1-15; there will be no paycheck in June and July.
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    Faculty Mentoring Policy
    Effective August 16, 2011, each college must implement a formal mentoring program.
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    Modified Duties Policy for Tenure System and Health Programs Faculty with New Dependent Children
    Upon request, tenure system and Health Programs faculty members who have a new child (or new children) in the home under the age of 6 and/or not attending school full-time may be granted a period of modified duties for up to one semester without a reduction in effort and salary.
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    Annual Performance Review for Fixed Term Faculty and Academic Staff
    Effective Fall semester 2011, all units must have procedures for the annual written evaluation of all fixed term faculty and academic staff.
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    MSU Retirement Plan Proposed Changes to Vendors and Investments
    Click on "Read More" to find out more about proposed changes. 
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